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betapitch е състезанието на betahaus за стартиращи компании, което дава възможност на едни от най-талантливите млади предприемачи у нас да представят своите бизнеспроекти и да получат необходимата им подкрепа, за да развият докрай идеите и продуктите си. Най-креативните 10 отбора ще бъдат поканени в деня на betapitch да презентират пред изтъкнато жури, специални гости и медии.

betapitch идва на 02 ноември 2018г


наградите на betapitch тази година:


*Победителят от състезанието ще пичва на BETAPITCH Global, големият финал в Берлин, който ще бъде на 15-и ноември, коато е инвеститорският ден

*3 месеца безплатно работно пространство е betahaus Sofia

*безплатно ново лого от INTO Branding

*по 2 часа консултация с жури членовете Румяна Тренчева, Jag Singh и Niko Vijayaratnam

*1 година безплатен хостинг, домейн и сертификат за победителя от superhosting.bg, и промокодове с отстъпка за останалите финалисти

*Full Fellowship* worth 549 USD for the New Season of Founders Institute Sofia

*fast-track достъп до TECHSTARS Berlin Program

*2 часа месечно менторство, в продължение на 6 месеца с топ мениджър от DHL Express



Орон Барбър

15 years in the management and marketing spheres and love every minute.
Invested is some businesses and founded successful and non-successful start-ups. Specialized in Direct marketing, performances and branding for clients and partners. Focused on Crypto markets, Fin tech and Blockchain technologies Consulting to fin tech firms and partner in very successful projects. 

жури членове

Румяна Тренчева

is Head of Global Partner Organization at SAP for Central and Eastern Europe, before that she successfully managed and doubled the SAP business in South-East Europe, where she was the Managing Director of the cluster of 10 countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia. Rumyana was also managing the business of SAP in Bulgaria for more than 5 years, where she had triple digit growth y-o-y and significantly increased SAP presence on the local market.

Jag Singh

is one of Europe's most active angel investors, and is currently the Managing Director of Techstars Berlin. Previously, he was the Managing Director for the METRO Accelerator for Retail, powered by Techstars. He's founded several companies (including two exits and a spectacular failure), and invested in over 70 startups over the last six years, including three that went through Techstars accelerators.

Niko Vijayaratnam

is Head of Product for FT Core who develop the platform products supporting the content, data and subscription models at the Financial Times. Prior to working for the FT, Niko has developed products for global media companies such as the BBC and Dow Jones & WSJ, as well as his own startup.

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Imperia Online

Доброслав Димитров, съосновател

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Владимир Давчев, съосновател


победител BETAPITCH 2017

PRINTIVO, биотехнологичен стартъп

Спас Керимов, съосновател

амбасадори - BETAPITCH Sofia 2018

Деница Симеонова

She is the CEO of the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE) where she leads and supports a community of 200+ members while coordinating projects such as the Bulgarian National Finale of Central European Startup Awards, the individual mentoring program ABLE Mentor, the digital startup map of Bulgaria - StartupNavigator.eu and others.

Натанаил Стефанов

is one of the startup enthusiasts at BESCO – the Bulgarian Startup Association and an Executive Board member at Sofia Tech Park. He loves Bulgaria and is devoted to working for the economic and social development of the country. His mission with BESCO is to establish better communication between the startup community and institutions, so that an even friendlier business and investment environment is created in Bulgaria through legislation improvements, more effective policies, and specific actionable initiatives.

Евелина Проданова

Evelina is an organizational psychologist with a burning desire to see how companies are formed, grow and develop into healthy organizations. This is where the true interest towards startups comes from! To take this further, she got herself into a PhD adventure devoting herself to a research contributing to the development of the Bulgarian startup eco-system! Evelina is part of Uber Engineering Sofia, leading all internal and external non-tech programs.

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