Betapitch ’17 Sofia – The 10 selected startups to compete this year

Betapitch – our competition for startups is happening this Friday, 10th November.

Meet the 10 selected startups to compete this year in front of jury, investors and audience.


PRINTIVO – 3D-Bioprinting tech, creating human tissues for scientific experiments & patient treatment

Printivo uses 3D-Bioprinting technology to create human tissues for scientific experiments and patient treatment. Thus, providing end-to-end solutions for R&D labs and hospitals. The team of scientists, programers and entrepreneurs innovates in the field of regenerative medicine with invented 3D Bio-printer and unique formula of Bio-ink, that is is highly customisable and can be used with any cell types such as skin cells (fibroblasts and keratinocytes), hepatocytes, chondrocytes, etc. “Our bio-ink provides the cells with an environment which is exactly replicating the cell micro environment of the human body. The ink contains highly purified herbal and animal ingredients (bio-polymers) completely novel in the field of tisse engineering and 3D cell culture construction.”

You can check more about them on their website and on the company’s LinkedIn profile.

BioSeek JSC – Google-like platform for Life Sciences research

BioSeek JSC is a young biotech company, building a new breed of online research environment. It is developed especially for the needs of scientific research in the domain of Life Sciences- a fully-integrated multi-component platform based on a qualitatively new type of search engine which operates in a graph database containing all the information scientists need to excel in their research; the platform includes an online product marketplace, cutting-edge research visualization tools and a publishing module. They are the We are the only platform, designed to cover the full workflow spectrum of the scientific research process.

You can check more about them on their website and the company’s Facebook page.

CastFolio – ‘the Linkedin’ for the entertainment industry

CastFolio provides the necessary mobile professional network, which combines short and long term recruiting, casting services and portfolio management. Description tags are approved by admins and accurately translated in the supported languages (English at launch, Bulgarian and French in March) which allows the member access to a wider range of international connections. Professionals with different background (directing, DP, acting, location scouting, production design, CGI, make-up and etc.) will easily connect and discover potential clients, work partners, jobs and crewmembers. Newcomers will have a simple tool to enter the market and if they decide – to find the right representatives on their behalf. Seasoned professionals will be able to flexibly manage their schedule and availability between many projects, involving their creative, management and talent side.

You can check more about them on their website or on their company’s Facebook page.

Tool.Domains – different services for SEO and domaining

Tool.Domains offers many different services for SEO and domain related. They assure to have one of the largest databases of domain names and websites in the world and we offer (paid only) research, data and resources for SEO, as well as having many paying clients from the SEO industry whom our expired domains data is very valuable to. Additionally they are developing other services on top of their database for research and investigation purposes.

You can check more about them on their website and on the company’s Facebook page.

Yourtutor.us – a virtual “School of the Future”

Yourtutor.us is an Ed-tech platform based on technology, via which every student can have access to the best teachers nevertheless the place and time. It has three modules and is envisioned by the team as the School of the Future. The three modules are: 1) A virtual classroom with whiteboard built on the new technology WebRTC where Ppople learn by doing not by listening; 2) a LMS which allows a teacher to give homework, test, grades, etc; 3) a Content module – every teacher can create his own content (video lessons) and sell/share them with the students. “The key here is not to look at the three modules separately but their integration in one complete service, which creates a true virtual school”.

You can check more about them on their website and on the company’s Facebook page.

Connecto.ai – Connecting businesses with people through AI powered conversational interfaces

Connect.ai’s team has a proprietary platform and are working on a product, based on which to create chatbots for all major messaging platforms, as well as a proprietary Chat Widget, which can be implemented on websites. The aim is to enable businesses to lead intelligent conversations with their customers by utilising an AI powered data processing engine for structured and unstructured data and an NLU/NLP enginе. Connecto turns messaging platforms into a new sales channel where customers are provided with frictionless, quick, personalised and relevant choices. This way businesses can boast with 24/7, cost efficient customer service to frequently asked questions while complicated requests can be transferred to a human operator. Connecto’s technologies can also be used for marketing and re-engagement purposes enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

You can check more about them on their website and on the company’s Facebook page.

Empact – VR/360 studio focused on campaigns for good and on creating positive impact

Empact takes good causes actions from the virtual to the real world. With feedback from 50 nonprofit professionals, that brings understanding of their market, they focus on VR/360 interactive storytelling where the actions you take inside the virtual happen in the real world.  For now they are focused on nonprofits, news media and ethical company campaigns in UK and US and have signed their first charity customer Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC). In the future they are planning to explore more scalable business models such as platform for content creators, media specialised on VR/AR/360, or VR TV. “We believe there are 4 elements increase the chances for donation in a nonprofit VR/360 experience: empathy, social donor participation, visualising the impact and call to action.”

Soulify – app, assisting schizophrenia patients to lead an active and fulfilling life

Soulify is an application that gives an opportunity for patients to track their mental health and general well-being. It also gives the pharmaceutical industries the necessary research data for their products, as well as gives to doctors the necessary information about their patients and the necessary passive control over them. The team has developed a Mobile version and Web version, both of which are internal. The Web Application will be used from doctors and healthcare workers to keep track of their patients information, their prescriptions and their progress during the process. The app provides an easy way to motivate and challenge the patients by giving them the flow of their progress, the opportunity to be involved into creative activities. The application is collecting reliable data benefits further evaluation of efficacy of pharmacological agents and possible treatment-related adverse events. Application customisation makes possible conducting different research projects without any limitations.

Majio‘s Sloth.Works – secure and anonymous hiring platform, connecting developers with companies

Majio provides parsing and matching solutions to boost candidate experience or find hidden placement opportunities quietly waiting in your talent world. Their product Placement Feed creates automated shortlists and redeploys candidates. The full version – Placement Feed is already integrated into Bullhorn, the leading CRM for the Staffing Industry, while Placement Feed Light works without any integration only in recruiters email. Further, the team has a newly launched product – Sloth.Works – secure and anonymous hiring platform, connecting developers with companies.

You can check more about them on their website and on their company’s Facebook page.

HITL – A social enterprise that employs and trains refugees to deliver services to ML and AI companies

HITL is a social enterprise, providing employment and training for refugees. Through their partners CrowdFlower, they provide human-in-the-loop services for companies that need training and testing data for their ML algorithms, as well as other outsourcing services that are simple and do not require skilled labor. This is their way to provide employment to those refugees who wouldn’t have access to the job market due to the language barrier or their lack of previous professional skills or education, especially women. “The goal is to become a springboard for refugees to obtain financial stability in their lives and have an opportunity to earn money wherever they are: in Bulgaria, Western Europe or their home countries. Refugees will work 6 hours per day and during the other 2 hours, they will receive English and computer skills training. They will earn $21 per day for 6 hours of work. They will work as subcontractors of a large US-based platform which has an established client base and has worked with companies such as YouTube, IBM, Pinterest and eBay.

You can check more about them on their company’s Facebook page.


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