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betapitch е състезанието на betahaus за стартиращи компании, което дава възможност на едни от най-талантливите млади предприемачи у нас да представят своите бизнеспроекти и да получат необходимата им подкрепа, за да развият докрай идеите и продуктите си. Най-креативните 10 отбора ще бъдат поканени в деня на betapitch да презентират пред изтъкнато жури, специални гости и медии.

betapitch идва на 10/ноември 2017г

краен срок за кандидатстване: 27/октомври


Отборът победител в betapitch получава уникалния шанс да отседне за 3 месеца в офиса на betahaus, където ще може да се възползва максимално от гостоприемството и напътствията на бетаобитателите. Освен това първиият отбор от софийското издание отива на betapitch global в Берлин през декември, където ще могат да покажат, че са най-смелите и амбициозни в Европа, състезавайки се с победителите от останалите градове участници.

Наградите на betapitch тази година:

екип betapitch | sofia

Паулина Николова

Poli is in charge of events here at betahaus | Sofia and the Project Manager of Betapitch 2017 | Sofia. Curious and energetic with urge for action, you will notice her go around and make friends. You can win her heart with good food and a glass of wine.

Александър Михайлов

Alex is one of the cofounders of betahaus | Sofia, flying high visionary and CEO. Besides this he knows the best spots to party hard and go cross country snowboarding early in the morning.

Цветина Веселинова

Tzveti's role here at betahaus | Sofia is operations & back-office. She will be providing organisational support for the Betapitch 2017 | Sofia.

Методи Терзиев

Meto is responsible for operations at betahaus | Sofia and making sure that both our team and house are in good shape to seize the day. He is a passionate traveler, sports and music lover. Tea in the morning, coffee in the afternoon.

Ромила Московска

Romi is dealing with digital marketing and communications at betahaus | Sofia, as well as for Betapitch 2017 | Sofia edition. Passionate about environmental sustainability and protection.

(English) ambassadors - betapitch 2017 Sofia

Валентина Миланова

Valentina graduated with a double Bachelors in Economics and Law from The University of Buckingham before going on to complete a Masters in International Trade and Commercial Law. She then worked as a researcher for The Economist , and The Institute of Economic Affairs. Valentina is a co-founder and head of Business Development for the Bulgarian Venture Capital Association. She was the Business Development Associate during the Techstars London 2017 cohort, before returning to Bulgaria to join the LAUNCHub Ventures team and co-organize the startup conference DigitalK.

Никола Янев

Nikola Yanev is president of the Bulgarian entrepreneurship organization – Start It Smart, founder of the online magazine and co-organizer of the weekly networking event Silicon Drinkabout Sofia. Nik is passionate about education, startups and traveling. He is a university dropout who build his own educational program matching his interests and goals.

Жанет Тодорова

Janet was a co-director of the Berlin chapter of Founder Institute for 3 years and was one of the first team members of the startup, a Berlin-based marketplace in the HR in Tech industry. In Jan 2017 she moved back to Sofia, determined to develop the local startup ecosystem, joined the Sofia team of Founder Institute and also took on a role as Product Owner of new fintech product for Paysafe. She’s passionate about blockchain, astrophysics, psychology and education.

жури членове (от предходната година)

журито за 2017 предстои да бъде обявено

Hristo Hristov

Hristo Hristov is CEO of Netinfo.
During his studies, he has also worked as a reporter at Darik radio and intern at BBC World service. After the internship, Hristo started a news website modeled after the BBC News. Ever since the digital media business has expanded and after a series
of mergers and acquisitions Netinfo is now the biggest digital media company in Bulgaria. Its portfolio includes:
The biggest Bulgarian email service ABV Mail, the #1 video sharing platform for local content Vbox7,The biggest MCN 7Talents.

Atanas Raykov

Atanas Raykov is the General Manager of Viber for Central and Eastern Europe and Director Telecom partnerships. His role is to build upon the already huge popularity of Viber in the region by offering quality local content and services to millions of users. Also, Atanas isresponsible for establishing partnerships with telecom operators worldwide.

Paris Childress

Soon after, he co-founded and developed MoitePari and Finzoom Financial Guide Network in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. Later, in 2009, Paris founded Hop Online, a leading Bulgarian digital marketing outsourcing agency targeting the US and other English-speaking markets. In 2014, Paris joined Google as Country Business Development Manager for Bulgaria.

Ivan Takev

He is CEO of Bulgarian Stock Exchange.
He has been part of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange team since 2001 and was appointed CEO in 2008.
His entire experience is in the area of finance and capital markets. Prior to joining Bulgarian Stock Exchange Ivan Takev held an expert position at the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission.

Boyko Iaramov

Boyko Iaramov, Co-Founder of Telerik and Head of Telerik Academy
Boyko Iaramov is Co-Founder of the most successful software company, founded in Bulgaria - Telerik, a Progress company. Through the years, he has occupied various leadership roles within the company, including Chief Operation Officer, Chief Process Officer and Chief Information Officer.
Most recently, Boyko has also been helming the strategic development of Telerik Academy, the leading free training initiative in software engineering and digital technologies in Bulgaria.
Prior to co-founding Telerik, Boyko had served as Managing Director of a leading HR software

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