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coworkers | mojio is world’s number 1 platform for connected cars

(on photo: Pavel, Violeta, Stancho) Meet the team of Mojio here in Sofia. They are in their private office at betahaus. Mojio is a startup company that aims at becoming the world’s number 1 platform for connected cars. They are the technological backbone for the rapidly growing connected car industry. Now, Mojio isn’t just connecting cars […]


coworkers | дигитални ваучери за подарък от cashwave.io

имаме си нови обитатели от около 2 месеца Аспарух и Стойчо са основатели на Cashwave.io – най-големия доставчик / дистрибутор на електронни ваучери за подарък в Централна и Източна Европа. Целта им е да станат най-големия Европейски доставчик на такива ваучери в сектора на електронната търговия.  Обемът на тази индустрия в Европа се оценява на 50 милиарда […]


3 Lessons from My First Beta Year

I’ve been working as a freelance writer for almost 5 years now and for the first 4 I did it from home/the beach/the park/the plane/the train – you get my drift. A little over a year ago, however, I felt that I was no longer able to stay focused while working from home and decided […]


Revolut | step in coworking, step in betahaus

We are so glad to announce our brand new partnership with Revolut! Wow. They will be part of our members added value program beta+. Each member of betahaus will get a special offer 🙂 So…become a member now… Revolut is a digital banking alternative that includes a pre-paid debit card (MasterCard or VISA), currency exchange, […]


coworkers | Oron Barber and CoinPoint

At our coworking space you can meet freelancers, startup companies, mature companies, agencies and outsource ones. Meet Oron Barber. He is a founder of CoinPoint. He was also BEST BEARD guy awarded for our first betahaus AWARDS Ceremony in December last year!  Who are you Oron? I’m 38 years old, originally from Israel, although im living […]