Q: What is betahaus?

A: betahaus is a coworking space. Providing desk space designed and equipped for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses in the creative sector, we are much more affordable than conventional offices because you only pay for the days you actually use the desk. The space is a part of an international network with hubs in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and soon in Zurich, Lisbon and Barcelona.

Q: What is coworking?

A: Wikipedia gives a comprehensive definition:

Coworking is an emerging trend for a new pattern for working. Typically work-at-home professionals or independent contractors or people who travel frequently end up working in relative isolation. Coworking is the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space.

Some coworking spaces were developed by nomadic internet entrepreneurs seeking an alternative to working in coffee shops and cafes, or to isolation in independent or home offices.

Business accelerators, business incubators and executive suites do not seem to fit into the coworking model, because they often miss the social, collaborative, and informal aspects of the process, with management practices closer to that of a Cooperative, including a focus on community rather than profit.

Q: What kind of people work at betahaus?

A: All kinds of people work at betahaus – from journalists, photographers, translators, graphic designers, designers, programmers, architects, artists, non-governmental organisations and clubs to startups and small companies – a creative mix, for sure.


Q: Why choosing betahaus?

A: The primary advantages of choosing betahaus instead of a own, home office or café, are the availability of basic office resources, services and materials included in the membership tax, the sharing of knowledge, skills and contacts with new people and of course, the best coffee in town. Not to mention the chances of finding new partners and projects, or visiting the events you don’t want to miss.

Q: Why the name ‘betahaus’?

A: To express our idea of a new workplace, we first came up with terms from the area of software development, such as “beta version” or “beta phase”. They best describe the way we’d like to design and develop the betahaus: as an open-ended process. We constantly develop the concept further with our users. This is the only possible way, as this kind of space is based on a completely new concept. At the same time we are convinced that the presence of each new user enriches the betahaus. „Perpetual beta”: the betahaus is never really complete, but keeps on evolving. During our research, we stumbled across the history of the Greek letter „betha”. Its predecessor originates from Aramaic, and describes the symbol of a rectangular floor plan of a yard or house with an open door. Finally the word „betahaus” was created from this symbol: a real place in the digital world; a fixed point and physical home for creative professionals and other “digital Bohemians”.



Q: Are the acoustics good?

A: The betahaus operates similarly to a library: everyone knows to keep the noise down in the working area. For chats and conversations, people go to the café. Apart from that, there is 1 meeting room available for extended discussions and meetings. Partitions, shelves and plants facilitate soft acoustics.

Q: Is a conference room available?

A: Yes, there are two conference rooms available. Each and can hold 8 to 12 people. The conference rooms are already equipped with a whiteboard, projector and flip chart. For larger groups (up to 150 people), and for events like lectures or panel discussions, you can rent the event space or the cafe.

Q: Is there a kitchen?

A: There is a small kitchenette on the 2nd floor, with fridge, small coffee machine and water kettle. On the ground floor you will find the betahaus café which serves sandwiches, soups, cakes and other delicacies.

Q: Do you have good coffee?

A: Of course! The betahaus café serves specifically selected and carefully prepared coffee.

Q: Are printers, scanners, etc. available?

A: We have a printer and copier on the second floor, which all members are allowed to use.

Q: Are there financial and legal services provided at betahaus?

A: Yes, each month we provide group accounting, financial and legal consultancies for betahaus members.

Q: Can I safely store my valuables at betahaus?

A: Yes, lockers are available.

Q: Is there accommodation near betahaus?

A: Yes, you can check guest house Canape Connection.

Q: Is there a parking lot?

A: No, unfortunately not. However parking on the street in Lozenets district is for free.

Q:Is there a place where I can leave my bike?

A: Yes, we have a bike  rack.

Q: Is smoking allowed at betahaus?

A: betahaus is a non-smoking environment. You can smoke outside of the building.

Q: Can I just give it a try?

A: Yes, a one day “test drive” is provided for those who are still uncertain whether the betahaus environment would suit them.



Q: Can I bring clients with me to betahaus?

A: Certainly. We have two meeting rooms and a café where you could meet.

Q: Can I also work at night or during the weekend?

A: If you sign up for the additional package you can work at night at betahaus.

Q: Can I make phone calls at betahaus in peace and quiet?

A: There are various possibilities for making phone calls at betahaus without being interrupted. For the extra important phone call, we provide a telephone room. Some of our users simply step out into the hallway if they’d like a bit more privacy.

Q: How much is a desk at betahaus?

A: See Prices.

Q: What are the contract terms (incl. ceasing contract)?

A: The contracts are termless except the long term ones, as well as the TEAM ROOM ones which require a two month notice of leave.

Q: Will betahaus offer secretary services or anything similar in the future?

A: As soon as there is demand for such features we will organize them for you